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Embodied Living - The club is the place for any one longing for a life with more presence, healing, inner well-being and above all -inner ease. A place where YOU can land softly.

In Embodied Living - The club you will, at a fixed low monthly price, have access to a Constantly evolving library with carefully selected yoga classes, meditations, free-dance sessions, breathing exercises/breath work, self-treatment and self-regulation tools as well as live events and conversations that all revolve around recovery and meeting yourself exactly where you are.

Who is Embodied Living for? 

Embodied Living is for any one who is consciously working toward creating more connection between body, mind and heart - to live Embodied.

For any one who is looking for tools to more easily find relaxation, tranquility and ease.

For any one who longs to find your way back to power, strength and joy.

For any one who wants to dive deeper into their self development process.

For any one who wants self-regulating tools to calm the nervous system.

For any one who longs for a soft place to land and meet yourself in a full everyday life.

Embodied Living - The club came from an idea that sprung out of a need expressed by many of my body therapy clients who were looking for ways to either continue their inner work in between live sessions or as a way to continue the process on their own after finishing a series of sessions. NOW it’s finally here, and I have chosen to call this space Embodied Living.

What is Embodiment Living and what does it mean to live Embodied? 

Embodiment is about being able to pay attention to your body, understand how it is feeling and what it is trying to tell you. It is about exploring, sensing and listening to physical sensations, emotions and inner imagery.

Embodiment is, in its simplest form, living in the body. Most of us are trained to ignore many of our internal sensations and what the body is telling us, so we can follow the rules of life and meet external demands and expectations.

When was the last time you felt truly connected to the sensations of your body and fully aware of the present moment?

A stronger sense of embodiment will help you to increase your capacity to experience joy, safety and well-being. It helps you to smell the flowers, see the joy in the small things, big things and experiences, to connect with others and to Be able to better enjoy life in general.

Embodiment creates resilience, and the more you are able to be with your body and listen to it -the better prepared you will be to heal yourself and make difficult experiences in the future easier for you to overcome.

Embodiment explores the relationship between our physical being and our energy/energies. It involves the interaction of our body, thoughts, and actions.

Embodied Living - The club

 is meant to be a way for you to get a variety of tools to use at home and, with the help of those, create more continuity on your journey.


Meditation - Breathwork - Yoga -Embodied Movement / Free dance


Life is as it is, and it consists of constant shifts. The only actual constant is the change.

Meditation involves, among other things, looking at and accepting what is.

It is a big misconception that meditation is about emptying one's head of thoughts.

It is about becoming aware of where to place your attention and energy, and to do this without judging what you happen to encounter. It is To become aware of how you think, and how this affects you -whether the thought gives you energy or if it takes energy away from you.

When we meditate, the body's negative reactions to stress decrease, and this can, among other things, relieve headaches and chronic pain.

There are many different ways to meditate, and those are basically different paths towards the same goal. You might have heard about techniques or styles such as concentration, breathing, sound and mantra, visualization and movement meditations.


Your breathing is the path to a sustainable body. To create an awareness of out breathing is of great importance to us and to our ability to feel our bodies and our inner emotional life. Breathing is the gate to our emotions and the connection between body and mind that connects the conscious and the unconscious within us.

Study after study shows what inorganic breathing does to us, and how much we can actually increase our well-being through breathing. 

Your breathing affects i.a. your sleep, your posture, your digestion, your memory, your pelvis, your adrenal glands and parts of the body that you have not even thought about being affected. Breathing affects stress and anxiety and can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

-Once you own your breath, no-one can steal your peace - Unknown


Yoga is a great tool if you want to reduce stress in the body and want to promote recovery and healing.

The yoga in Embodied Living - The Club is a calm, empathetic and easily accessible yoga form where we work both physically and mentally with the body.

The yoga sessions will strengthen your body and reduce stress so that your body and mind can function in its best way. The goal of the yoga sessions is to create balance in depth, and thereby make room for the strong vitality that lives within us.

Movement supplies our emotions with and creates life and flow through our entire system from the inside and out. 

Embodied Movement / Free dance 

Embodied movement is about exploring, sensing and listening. It is an embodied and explorative improvisation based practice, bringing in elements from free dance, authentic movement, Breath work and the felt experience of being a human body. 

You are invited to a journey where you explore the rhythm of your own body. Allow yourself to curiously explore and play, and allow the practice to become a call to come home to yourself.

Movement nourishes our emotions, and helps what is stagnant to move. 

Movement creates life, flow and joy. From our toes to our heart, from our nervous system to the soul and to the brain, and all the way back.

Give yourself permission to go on a curious journey within your own body. A journey where there is flow and lightness in places it might feel closed or a little stagnant.

In addition to access to the library you will also, every Month, receive access to :

  • 2 new prerecorded videos and / or audio

    2 new pre-recorded videos and / or audio files yoga classes, meditations, breathing exercises will be added to the library

  • 1 Live-online sessions per week.

    I go live every monday. Every Other Monday at 10 am and everother at 8 PM. The content and schedule varies and it could consist of Breathwork, Yoga, Conversations, Embodied Movement and/or Meditation. If you are not able to join the Live/online session you will be able to view the recorded session as many times as you like for the rest of the month. Some of these sessions will also be added to the Library. I plan the schedule 2 weeks at the time to be able to create a schedule that flows with the needs and the interest of the club.

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